Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Macaroni Salad

Time 20 min
Macaroni 1/2 cup
Capsicum 1 medium sized cut into small pieces
Tomato 2 medium sized cut into small pieces
Onion big sized peeled and cut into cubes
Oregano 1/4 tsp
Olive oil 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste

Add macaroni in boiling water and cook for about 5-6 min (Taste to see whether it has cooked properly or not). Switch off the flame. Drain the water and then run macaroni into cold water so that it will get cool immediately to avoid excess cooking. Take a sauce pan add olive oil add chopped onion, tomato, capsicum saute for about 4-5 min. Then add macaroni, oregano and salt. Saute for about 2-3 min on high flame. Turn off flame. Keep in the refrigerator and serve chill. 

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