Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rice Chaklya

Time 60 min
Kolum rice 3 cups
Cumin seeds 2 tsp
Salt to taste  (add more salt than expected because after drying salt will get evaporated)
Water 3 cups

Soak rice for 24 hr. Then change water and again soak rice with fresh water, repeat the process untill 4 days. Drain water on 5th day and spread rice on cloth, let it dry for 1 hr so that water will get evaporated. Then make powder in the grinder.
First mix water, cumin seeds and rice powder, salt in pan. Mix well. Switch on the flame. Cook the mixture on medium flame. Stir continuously so that big lumps will not form. After 7-8 min, the colour of mixture will get changed, milkish white to dull white. If all water is evaporated then add 3-4 tsp water and again cook for 4-5 min. This mixture should not be very hard otherwise it will be difficult to press using mold.  Then allow it to cool to some extent (25%). Stuff this mixture into chakli mold / kitchen press, press out in circular motion on plastic paper, like chakli or just straight lines. Dry the chaklya in hot sun for 3 -4 days. Store in dry place in tight container.

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