Friday, June 1, 2012

Home Made Paneer

Time 12 hrs
Full fat milk 1 liter
Lemon juice 1.5 tsp

In a hot milk add lemon juice. Milk will get curdle. Then strain it through strainer lined with cotton cloth. Once again wash the collected cheese with cold water which will help  to remove lemony flavor. Take all the sides of the cotton cloth and tie them together tightly. Try to squeeze slowly to remove the water. You have to do gently otherwise cloth will get torn. This will fasten the process.  Hang it somewhere to let the extra liquid drip off. Keep one bowl below to collect the liquid.
Once the liquid stops dripping, take out the cheese. Then place the cheese again in another cloth and give a good shape.

To drip the water it takes lot of time almost 8-10 hrs. So i hang the cotton inside the refrigerator. I keep heavy vessel on cotton so that paneer becomes thick and solid.

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