Saturday, May 26, 2012

Strawberry Pastry

Time 20 min
Sponge cake 250 gm (approx 8-10 pieces of size 5 in length 1 inch breadth)
Sugar 3-4 tbsp
Cream 1 cup
Fresh sliced strawberries 7-8
Water 1/2 - 3/4 cup
Vanilla essence 4-5 drops

Take sugar and water in pan. Heat it, sugar will start to melt. After 4-5 min sugar will completely melt and mixture will start boiling. Switch off the flame. Add vanilla essence to the sugar syrup. Allow it to cool.
Keep this sugar syrup in  separate bowl, keeping 1tbsp in the pan behind. Now heat this pan and add chopped 3-4 strawberries, stir well for 2-3 min. Switch off the flame. Keep this strawberry sugar mixture aside.
Take one piece of cake. Sprinkle sugar syrup on the surface area of cake. Now apply strawberry sugar syrup mixture evenly. Now apply cream on it. Place another  piece of cake of same size on this cake. Repeat the process, means apply sugar syrup, strawberry sugar mixture, cream. Make such 4-5 layers. As soon as u finish with all layers, cover completely with cream. Put small pieces of strawberries on top.
Keep it in refrigerator. Serve chill.

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