Tips for Your Kitchen

Prefer to use olive oil for cooking especially for frying items because of it has low absorption rate and nutritious values
Use unpolished daal and rice
Use moong daal than chana daal. Moong daal is digested fast and do not create acidity problems
Use tomatoes, kokum, lemon while cooking to reduce acidity related problems
Do not waste food, try to prepare as much as you want
Keep leftover food in food grade quality plastic polythene or containers or metal containers 
Write expiry date of masalas on their bags and store in refrigerator in air tight containers 
Wash green vegetables with water and little salt, remove water completely by spreading on muslin cloth and then store it in refrigerator. It helps to reduce degradation of vegetables because dust gets removed. 
Prepare tea with ginger and mint. It has antioxidants values.
Fresh cut fruits should get consumed immediately, otherwise cut fruits gets degraded fast and their nutritious value get reduces.
Do not waste water as it is most precious on earth
Try to reuse leftovers using trial and error method
Use iron tava for roti making so that in a way u get iron required for your body.
Use iron vessel to make green vegetables.
Try to prepare food in filtered water
For quick cooking, keep handy hot water kettle
If possible use microwave cooking so that you get more nutritious food
Use microwave safe vessels such as borosil while microwave cooking
Use low flame while seasoning

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