About Me

Hi foodies,

I am Sarika, the blog owner.
I was born and brought up in Kolhapur. Currently living in Mumbai. I enjoyed cooking right from my childhood. I prefer to eat at home than in the restaurant. Over the period of 4 months (Jan -April 2012) i had taken the photographs of the recipes that I had prepared. Initially I had thought of uploading on Picasa and share with my friends & students, but my husband Siddharth suggested me to write a blog. So I am here.
To know more about my professional life u can visit http://sites.google.com/site/drsarikasawant/

If you want to publish your special recipe pl send with photograph on this mail id: sarikashpt@gmail.com


  1. i want to purchase dryer for makka, rice, sabudana, jawar and aloo papad

  2. pls give me the solution of machine to dry aloo, rice, jawar, makka and sabudana papad.


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