Thursday, October 18, 2012

Apple Sheera

Time 20 min
Semolina/rava 1 cup
Cardamom powder 1/4 tsp
Sugar 3/4 cup
Water 1/2 cup or 3/4 cup as per ur requirement dry or very soft.
Pinch of salt 
Ghee 3 tbsp  
Apple 1
Cinnamon 2 very small pieces
Cloves 2

Peel off (optional) apple, then makes small pieces. Cook these pieces with 2 tsp sugar in microwave safe bowl for about 2-3 min, on high power till it get tender. Keep it aside.
Now in another microwave safe bowl, add rava, pinch of salt, cinnamon, cloves. Keep it on high power for 2 min only. Now to this evenly add melted ghee, again keep bowl on high power for 1-2 min only. Then mix the contents using spoon, so that rava should not get burn. Again keep bowl on high power for 1 min only. Now nice smell of rava will come. Now to this add hot water, keep it again in microwave on high flame for 1 min. Then add remaining sugar and apple. Mix well. Again microwave it for 2-3 min. Serve hot. 

U need good amount of experience in handling microwave.
Rava get burn fast so keep checking the rava even though u keep in microwave for 2 min. U need to mix well so that it doent get burn. 
Ghee need to be distributed evenly in the rava

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